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Fervor burning
And I found you, golden.A beauty I think I could find nowhere.
  • ledsetgo:

    Howdy you all peeps! I did not consider going in any trip alone so soon. But I might just be having my first solo travel in the country in 2 days. My travel buddy has been faced with a situation a few days before this trip and I was told just this morning of the news.

    Backing out is not my option. I have to accept this thrill and go on by my self. I’ll be setting off to the southernmost tip of Palawan Island in the Philippines that quite surely, many have not yet caught ear of. I’m yet to find out what’s in Balabac and its neighbor islands.

    I’ll be away for a week thus I won’t be posting photos real time. In lieu I’ll queue up photos from my recent trip in Baler to fill in for the days. Be back in a week for new adventure photos. See you. Led

    14 April 2014

    My chest’s pounding. First unintentional solo travel to a not so known location. God(s) be good.

  • Land of the morning
    I sing a song with “waves crashing” in it.Clouds form like foams of ending waves.The waves creep in like the hovering bluish haze.Now I lost my self in between.
    Isle of Dragonstone?
    I left my head going to the beach.
    Sabang Beach at dawnBaler, AuroraMarch 2014
    Organic orchestra