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Boracay IslandMalay, AklanPhilippinesAugust 2014
When in Boracay Island.
Malay, AklanPhilippinesAugust 2014
I relished the pleasure of being enveloped by blues and greens — and browns? I nearly forgot the intricate mines of cow dung. I might have been on a carefree prance.
Caramoan IslandsCamarines Sur, PhilippinesNovember 2013
More photos of landscapes in Bicol Region here.
Note:This was a short hike atop the hill of Guinahoan where a modern lighthouse is erected. I’m not quite sure if Guinahoan is an island (could not spot it in mapcarta, wikimapia and Google Maps) or a village either in Lahuy Island or in Basot Island. But by the looks of it, it was probably on the latter.
A thing I like about being on the island is the warmth of transitioning skies. So in my two-night jaunt there I exerted real effort to get up before break of dawn to witness every sunrise.
Bulabog BeachBoracay IslandMalay, Aklan ProvincePhilippinesAugust 2014
Beach boys facing the approaching sundown at Diniwid Beach.Boracay IslandMalay, Aklan ProvincePhilippinesAugust 2014

Anonymous said: Sir I just wanna ask about your photo entry last August 6 and 8,2014. What is the name of the place? Thank you

Hi! These photos (1, 2) were taken at La Fortuna Lake, Bucas Grande Island, Surigao del Norte Province in the Philippines. Thanks for the message! Have a good day! 


The spectacle of fireworks in the night sky amuses me but when the horizon naturally explodes into colors, dusk or dawn, the awe is just insuperable.
A sight the rain clouds bring.
I recall somebody saying, “There’s no bad weather, only how we feel about the impending rain.” 
Rio Tuba, BatarazaSouthern PalawanApril 2014

Anonymous said: hello! how did you become interested in photography? and when was that? :>

Hello! I couldn’t exactly say when but I think it was in 2011 that I began to pursue photography when I got to purposely travel to a few places in the country because of work. Seeing artistic photo posts on my previous blog’s dash then was also a contributing factor. Not that I instantly picked up the interest, it was already there, it only needed to be stoked. What I did next was act on it — I invested on my first (bridge) camera in lieu of a phone camera. Since then it has me going.