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As our boat glides right into the placid cove, soaring karsts covered in thicket witness our entry. The water beneath us is patched by shallow reefs one sec, and deep green chasm the other. As we near the wooden jetty, our roaring double-bladed boat silences off to match the peace that the cove is. Though the sky is likely to cry, the place seems more alive.[[MORE]]
The high emerald tide nearly touches the floor of the dock and it incredibly glows like your game character’s HP fluid overflowing. Thin smoke on air creating a natural visual effect; fallen yellow leaves in contrast with the fluid of life. It is a sweet sight. I can taste it is. Leave our souls here for a while.
***It’s as if its beauty has not made I and J gape in awe, we are told soon that this awaits behind the wall.
Tiktikan CoveBucas Grande IslandSurigao del Norte, PhilippinesMay 2014
Around 19 tropical cyclones or storms enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility in a typical year and of these usually 6 to 9 make landfall [SOURCE]. Small wonder why there are barangays (villages) in lowlands that own boats for transport purposes during rain season.
Meycauayan, BulacanSeptember 19, 2014

Anybody who wants to come with me (with some others too) to this frontier in May next year? Camp type. Unexploited white beaches — one is double a football field as big. Sail in seas of all shades of blue and green. Watch and shoot all day the sun, moon and sky. Simple island life.

If jeepney generally is the king of the road in the Philippines, pedicab, a variety of cycle rickshaw, takes over flooded Manila streets.
Meycauayan, BulacanSeptember 19, 2014
No excuse to not walk your dog.
Meycauayan, BulacanSeptember 19, 2014
Several areas in Metro Manila and provinces in Northern and Central Luzon Island got inundated as Tropical Storm Fung-Wong intensified the spate of rain brought about by the southwest monsoon.
Meycauayan, BulacanSeptember 19, 2014
A puddle of potted plants
Built in the 1800’s, the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi belfry is distinct with an arch bridge that connects it to the church.
Meycauayan, BulacanDecember 2012
Meycauayan, BulacanDecember 2012